Sunday, June 03, 2007

Greens Gone Wild

Fire of Liberty

Now while I'm not a great fan of wind power due to the fact that it's not efficient or that it continues to be propped up by government subsidies, I still scratch my head when folks in the environmental movement protest this clean alternative energy because it hurts a few birds. This article just goes to show you that a large part of the environmental movement won't be satisfied until this nation is left to we're wearing burlap, riding bikes, sitting in the dark, and our economy is in shambles. The Green movement has got to have a middle ground that is friendly to their cause while respecting the concerns of others.

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shliknik said...

You can't rationalize with the far-left extremists (or with the far-right, religious wackos for that matter...)'re right. Each side HAS to compromise and realize no power source comes without its problems. If alternative fuel sources are what the 'greens' want (and I'm 100% for anything that gets us out of the Middle-Easter oil baron's thumbs), they have to realize a few birds will be killed w/ harnessing wind power. Maybe there are way that can curb the # of birds and more research is needed...but there will always be a bird that keeps bobbin' it's head against the window no matter what.