Saturday, February 16, 2008

DHS mishaps

Fire of Liberty

Here's an interesting editorial from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that notes that the Department of Homeland Security is going to allow tens of thousands of immigrants to stay in this country even though they have not cleared the various security and criminal background check which began six months ago. Now while I'm no expert in security matters let alone the day to day operations of the FBI and DHS, I've got to scratch my head at the asinine decision to let so many people be granted the privilege of living here even though they could have a criminal past or pose a dire security threat to this nation. So instead of offering up some new programs under "comprehensive immigration reform," maybe we should bring about some reform by enforcing the laws and procedures on the books and clean away the bureaucratic nonsense at DHS that allows so decisions to be made in the first place. I just hope that such matters are fixed before soon or we could see a recurrence of the lapses in security like we saw on September 11th. Here's hoping things get better soon rather than later.

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