Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tomorrow is Another Day

Fire of Liberty

I'd have to say that the my lofty optimism about Romney pulling off some surprising victories in some unexpected states has been knocked down a few pegs by the results of Super Tuesday. Now while I'm not giving up on Romney, I believe that the Governor is approaching some very big mountains that might be too hard to surmount especially with the powers that be in the media and the GOP establishment(conservatives are still fighting with the entrenched Ford/Rockefeller moderates of the party) are working tooth and nail to crown McCain the GOP nominee. I guess we should sit back, take a breath, and recite "tomorrow is another day." Here's wishing luck to Governor Romney.

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shliknik said...

The fat lady has sung...and Romney is no more.

McCain will get the nomination.....

and the Dems are getting the White House.

As we've been saying for 2 years, no one the Repubs have trotted out could match the Clinton/Obama bandwagon. And it's not that they're unbeatable - it's just after the bad taste Bush has left in everyone's mouth, everyone wants a change.

Good or bad? Who's just a change.