Tuesday, February 26, 2008

John Adams - HBO - March 16 - April 20

Fire of Liberty

As a great fan of the many wonderful history books of David McCullough and past work of actor/director Tom Hanks, I'm really psyched about the collaboration of these two greats in the upcoming HBO mini-series "John Adams"(March 16 (8:00)). Though the series hasn't hit the TV screen yet, I've seen the previews and predict(I'm not claiming to be a TV critic, I know good things when I see them.) that this film adaptation on the biography of our second president will be a success much like "The Sopranos," "Rome," "The Wire," and "Band of Brothers" have been for HBO. Even more, this most recent interview of David McCullough in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by Bill Steigerwald gives me confidence that the mini-series will be true to history and provide a great learning tool to the young people who are more prone to video rather than the written. Now as a bibliophile, I'm hoping that "John Adams" will prompt more people to go out and buy books on President Adams and various other Founding Fathers in an effort to learn more on the history of this great nation.(It worked similar on the subject of Greek history with the release of the movie "300".)

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