Monday, February 25, 2008

Mugabe's further descent in Hell.

Fire of Liberty

Here's a good piece over at TCS Daily from US Ambassador Richard Williamson, Special Envoy to Sudan, which notes how Robert Mugabe is taking the once fertile farmlands and cattle pastures into a greater circle of Hell and how the the neighboring states(South Africa), the US, and the world community in general needs to take notice and find a way to urge Mugabe to step aside. Now while I'm generally disinclined to members of the State Department and their diplomatic niceties, I have to say that we need more individuals like the Ambassador who are not afraid for calling folks like Mugabe thugs and pointing out the crimes and horrors that he has done. I salute folks like Ambassador Williamson and hope there are more like him in certain corners of the State Department.

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cary said...

"The Emperor is naked!" should not just be a line a child's story.

If applied to current politics, it might start solving a few issues.

"The Senator is drunk!"
"The congressman is taking bribes!"
"The leader of that country is killing his own people!"

Well, you know what I mean.