Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fissures in Mt. Obama

Fire of Liberty

For a long time now I've been paying attention to the various speeches by Senator Obama and I have to say that he's a good rhetorician and creates some positive energy with the crowds, but when you boil down the flowery language and platitudes of the junior senator from Illinois you discover that there isn't much there, but warmed over ideas dating back to FDR. Now while the Democrats and the MSM are all giddy about the continued success of Senator Obama in the primaries(As well as various caucuses) and his presumed coronation as the next Democratic nominee for President, I would warn them that a large segment of the American public will be turned off from his positive and idealistic approach when they discover his extreme liberalism. One only has to look at this piece from National Journal(Which is generally seen as a center left publication) and discover this fact about his voting record since 2004. I fact, there are several columnists/pundits in the MSM who have discovered some fissures in the stone known as Obama and are discovering that there isn't much there or at least something a little frightening about what direction this country could move with regards to his policies. Amongst the best pieces I've seen that have discovered such fissures in Obama is Robert Samuelson's "The Obama Delusion," David Brooks' "When the magic fades," and Charles Krauthammer's "Obama, the Platitude Salesman." Though the Obama train is gaining speed and heading to the convention center for a Presidential bid and the added bonus of the White House(With the help of the MSM), I believe that this information on Obama will be very helpful when the general election gets under hand. As a conservative I'm not so happy about the prospects of John McCain being the next GOP's candidate for 2008(And will need some convincing on the Senator's behalf), but it sure beats handing the White House, our security and future Supreme Court picks to another Clinton or an wet behind the ears liberal like Senator Obama. In fact, I believe Daniel Oliver, chairman for the Federal Trade Commission under Reagan, summed up the decision conservatives have to make between Obama and McCain when he pointed an editorial from National Review in which the conservative journal endorsed Nixon over George McGovern in 1972(Nixon wasn't a conservative and was written off by National Review before the nod went to McGovern) in which the editors noted the following:
“There are those, including some of our colleagues, who believe that four years of McGovern would catalyze a recrudescent conservatism. We disagree that the chance is worth taking. McGovern is the erector set of big-think intellectuals, otherworldly dreamers, and children. Belloc warned that dangerous toys should not be given to little boys.”
I for one am aware of the physical and fiscal dangers that face this nation and I'm not willing to risk the lives and future of my niece and nephew in the hands of an individual who would rather negotiate with our enemies and tax and spend this nation and future generations of money to fulfill Ted Kennedy's wildest pipe-dreams. McCain isn't my favorite but I'll have a greater opportunity of seeing the continuation of conservative ideas under his helm than under Obama or Clinton.

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