Friday, February 01, 2008

Illegal Immigration's Impact on the US

Fire of Liberty

As I tuned into CNN late last night, I came across a question, submitted by E-Mail, that asked the candidates why they could support a policy that advocated more open borders thus allowing a greater influx of immigrants that take away jobs from the blacks in California and other regions in this nation. While the question has become a great concern for the black community in the nation, Hillary and Obama batted away the question by rattling off some "Rainbow Coalition" talk about being all inclusive and some lukewarm talk about securing our borders. Though most politicians will generally answer the same way, with fear of garnering the wrath of LA Raza or losing the Hispanic/Latino votes come Super Tuesday or the general election, voters, much like the one who submitted the question last night, are on to something when they voice their concern about losing jobs to this influx of illegal immigrants. Someone who has taken time to weed through the Democrats obstructions on this issue is Steven Malanga, senior editor of City Journal and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, who has has written a wonderful piece in the Winter 2008 issue of City Journal that points out how the cavalcade of illegal immigrants is indeed taking away precious jobs from the black community and transforming their neighborhoods into non-assimilated Spanish speaking barrios throughout the nation. So while the Obama, Clinton, and McCain might think that they can "whistle past the graveyard" by ignoring this aspect of their open borders proposals, they threaten to forever change the culture of this nation and lead us down a road of utter peril.

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