Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adam Smith's Way To The Electric Car

Fire of Liberty

Stephen Bainbridge, UCLA law professor and blogger, has a good piece in today's D.C. Examiner which points out why General Motor's EV-1(electric car) was such a failure. According to Bainbridge, the main culprit behind the EV-1 wasn't the folks at GM or some grand conspiracy by the oil companies but is really the free-market. No matter how many times you create laws that require a car company to build such cars, companies are not going to shell out millions of dollars and countless man-hours on the creation of a car that in reality has a big sticker price that not viable to folks in the "real-world." Luckily, one only has to look a the geniuses at Toyota to see what happens when you let the free-market and consumer choice kick in and push government enforced measure back into the foreground. So if we're going to have electric cars and super fuel efficient vehicles now and in the future then we've got to tell the hulking government and allow Adam Smith's invisible hand to take over.

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