Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tearing Down Iran's Scaffolding

Fire of Liberty

I found an interesting commentary by Jonathan Paris(Former senior analyst at Council of Foreign Relations) in the New York Sun which lays out an interesting plan on how to effectively take down the Iranian regime. According to this wonderful piece, the best way to take out the regime is by slowly but surely bleeding the mullahs of their various bases of support by confronting and taking down the various Islamic terrorist groups in the Palestinian territories, Hezbollah as well as the dictatorship in Syria. Paris notes that after the West tears down the terrorist scaffolding that surrounds the Iranian regime, then the US and its allies can push forward their efforts in supporting the democratic movement within Iran. If more folks in the State Department, NSC, and certain segments of the White House and Congress listened to Paris's(The person not the place) advice, then we'd have some better results than the current run-around we're seeing at the UN and in the press.

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