Monday, August 28, 2006

Destroying Europe Internally

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While I've pointed in the past about how Europe faces a serious problems within their society with regards to their various Muslim communities as they continue to promotion of the failed policy of "multiculturalism" which allows these individuals to dwell in the culture, laws and language of their or their parent's homeland thus failing to assimilate into their new homeland. Even worse is the fact that a lot of the individuals who took to the streets of France, plotted the bombings of trans-Atlantic flights, or the bombing of subways and buses in London, have used the government sponsored "multiculturalism" programs of education to their advantage while still holding resentment to their new countries. Well one nation that seems to be experiencing home-grown jihadis via their policy of "multiculturalism" is Germany which discovered three weeks ago with the thwarting of a train bombing with the arrest of Youssef Mohamad el Hadjib and Jihad Hamad. One individual who seems to get to the nuts and bolts of Germany's Muslim communities failing to assimilate and the emergence of homegrown terrorists in their midst is Evgeny Morozov, who has penned a wonderful piece over a TCS Daily. While I recommend that you read the entire article to discover a problem that is endemic in a lot of nations in Europe, I figured I'd share with you a sampling of Morozov's piece:
The failed integration of Muslim immigrants -- many of them in second and third generations -- into the community at large, a malaise that is slowly paralyzing the whole continent, has been apparent in Germany. This year the situation deteriorated quite rapidly: first, it was the case of an almost ritual murder of a girl of the Turkish origin by her brother who was enraged at her disregard for the strict Islamic traditions; then, it was an appeal by a group of teachers (most of them ethnic Germans) to close down a school, where they have been teaching, because, with a predominantly immigration population, it became too unruly to teach in.

So even though the current terrorist threat does not come from the immigrant population per se, but rather from students who entered Germany for short-term studies, there is absolutely no guarantee that their example will not inspire thousands of alienated and radicalized youngsters, most of them German citizens, to follow the pernicious example.

On some level, the threat emanating from the Muslim student population is even worse: they are largely unknown to the German security forces; they have a much stronger association with what is going on in the Middle East, and they have no attachment to Germany whatsoever. Furthermore, the current mass-production scale of the German university system hardly allows for early detection of such radicalized youngsters: with 500 students sharing a lecture hall, it is next to impossible to remember the names, not mention psychological traits, of the student body. Psychological counseling is still mostly unheard of in German schools.

Known for its financial generosity when it comes to education, Germany spends millions to educate people like Youssef Mohammad and even Mohamed Atta, one of the masterminds of 9/11, who then go on to use their technical expertise to construct bombs and explosives (in all fairness, one should point out that the two train bombs did not explode because they were poorly constructed -- so even the German technical education is no longer as good it used to be).
I just hope that a lot of the leaders of Europe realize the danger that these individuals pose towards their existence especially when the promote the idea of "multiculturalism" rather than assimilating these individuals. It makes you wonder how many bombings like we saw in Madrid and London, killings as in Amsterdam, continued mercy killings through-out Europe as well as riots in France are they going to take before the powers that be jump up and say enough is enough and get things right. Here's hoping they take notice real soon.

*Until they comes to their senses, I recommend you check out the following books to get a better grasp on what threatens Europe:

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within by Bruce Bawer

Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crisis Is America's, Too by Claire Berlinski

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