Friday, August 04, 2006

Political Battleship

Fire of Liberty

This article just goes to show you that Sen. Clinton's most recent game of Battleship in the Senate Armed Service hearing with Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld(I have to say the septuagenarian defense chief blew a huge hole in her battleship) was for mere sound-bites and political cover from the ant-Bush/Iraq War Democratic base and leftist bloggers. No wonder she and fellow Democrats raised a fuss when the defense chief wanted a classified hearing instead of the preferred 10 A.M. live event. She should be wary of turning to far to the left or she'll lose the center and the squishy-right that she'll need to become the second Clinton to sit in the White House.(I'm thinking the she'll lose the air in her sails come primary time. She also has to face Mark Warner(Fmr. Gov. of VA), Joe Biden(Delaware), Gore(He's out in the public too much not to run.), Kerry, Edwards, Bill Richardson(Gov. NM), and don't forget the Dean factor(He's no friend of the Clintons).

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