Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mullahs Trying To Stop Bloggers In Iran

Fire of Liberty

It looks like the mullahs in Tehran are getting a little bit nervous with the bloggers in Iran. Folks might disagree but I'm betting that the desire for freedom has caught on fire in Iran and the regime is frightened to death of the organizational skills and free flow of information(something that generally is squelched by the regime) that exist within the blogger community that they've decided to crack down on what the folks in Iran can do on the net. Now while the kids and the bloggers of Iran are tech-savvy enough to get around the censors for the time being, I'm sure the regime will catch up. With this at hand, I'd suggest that the US government should get busy in its efforts in supporting the democracy movement within Iran by transforming Radio Farsi from its current pop-radio format into a more serious news outlet much like we had with Radio Free Europe or Voice of America during the Cold War. We might not be able to strike Iran militarily or funnel funds into the democracy movement in Iran at the moment but nothing should stop us from helping the people reach around the mullahs and their censors.

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