Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The DNC Needs More Liebermans Not Less

Fire of Liberty

After watching Sen. Joe Lieberman fall to the hands of the anti-Iraq War Ned Lamont(Far more to the left than Lieberman), I have to say the days of having Scoop Jackson Democrats are becoming a thing of the past. At one time you would have found a lot of Democrats before and during the Cold War who were liberal when it came to domestic matter but were for a more beefed up foreign policy and willing to stand up to any aggressor that challenged our liberties here or abroad. The folks of, DailyKos and the folks to the left of the DNC might think that it's in their best political interests to throw politicians like Lieberman into the wind because they stand up for their country and shoulder to shoulder with a president of another party during a time of war but in reality what they're doing is demonstrating that they can't aptly handle anything in the field of foreign policy and national security. I can only imagine how many times FDR, Truman, Carl Vinson, John F. Kennedy, George F. Keenan, Scoop Jackson, and other Democrats in this mold have rolled over in their graves at the way things are heading with regards to the Democratic Party. I for one enjoy that the nation has been trending Republican because the Democrats have marched to a more liberal piper since the days following Clinton but I also like for this country to have two political parties who compete for the leadership of this nation but are still willing to stand up or improve upon our efforts to defeat threats that come before this nation.

If the Democrats don't start hewing back to the center and offering a more muscular foreign policy of yesteryear, I can assure you that they're are going to have more disappointing nights come the next national elections.(Yeah, I know the Republicans have got to straighten their flight paths with regards to domestic issues in order to stave off defeat but with regards to foreign policy/national security they've got far better chances of winning in 06 and 08.) So for the sake of this nation I hope the Dems turn back to the days when they were respected by this nation for their stance on foreign policy and national security before they become a dead party much like that of the Federalists and Whigs. Now until they wake up from the current coma, here's hoping that Joe Lieberman comes up with an overwhelming victory this November in his run as a Independent. I might not agree with his politics but you've got to cheer for a guy who makes a decision and stands behind such a decision no matter how hot the water gets. So let that "Joe-mentum" ride.

*See here and here on what others are saying about Joe Lieberman and his future.

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