Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Playing Jedi Mind Tricks

Fire of Liberty
Now while the MSM is steadily reporting on the casualties and destruction in Lebanon and Israel, the diplomatic chess-matches in the UN and the world over a possible ceasefire as well as Israel's expansion of the war in southern Lebanon, few people realize that Israel is also fighting a psy-ops battle with Hezbollah through its TV station. According to this good article by Eli Lake in the New York Sun, the IDF is using the power of technology to tap into the terrorist run TV station and playing havoc with Hezbollah supporters. Just take a look at what the IDF has been doing the past twenty-plus day:
In the middle of newscasts and programming from Hezbollah's Al-Manar station, Israeli technicians are hacking the signal and replacing it with a 90-second spot that begins with a gun site superimposed on a crude drawing of Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, looking at the ground.

The image is punctuated by the sound of three gunshots and framed on the top with the words, "Your day is coming, coming, coming." On the bottom of the image of Sheik Nasrallah are the words: "The state of Israel." For the next 90 seconds, the message is clear: Give up. Resistance is futile.

The special broadcast to Al-Manar's audience from Israel is the latest salvo in the Jewish state's propaganda war against the Iranian-backed terror militia after Israel's military managed to hack into the satellite feed of the station over the weekend.

The spot goes on to show Sheik Nasrallah giving a speech in which a voice says: "There is no doubt that this is the strongest air force in the area. And we can't stand up against it." It features the view from Israeli bombers striking targets in Lebanon and ends with an announcer saying, "Nasrallah knows the truth, but he continues, as is his way, to drag Lebanon into destruction, to throw sand in your eyes."
You've got to say that Hezbollah's higher ups are shaking their fists and pulling hair out of their heads over the fact that their chief propaganda outlet is being counter-minded by the IDF. If for one have to commend the IDF psy-ops forces in their efforts of breaking the back of Hezbollah support via the mind. Hopefully such work will reduce the work of the IDF but I'm guessing that fighting Hezbollah on the ground will be the determining factor.

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