Thursday, August 17, 2006

Standing Up To The Barbarians At The Gates

Fire of Liberty

Now if you tune into the MSM or surf the Internet to lefty websites like DailyKos and Huffington Post you'll find folks going gogo over President Bush's low poll numbers on Iraq and Ned Lamont's(And fellow Democrats) continued mantra that President Bush blindly led us into Iraq and how we need to get out of of there immediately so we can focus more on Al Qaeda. Though these individuals are piling more and more on the President much like a shark going after a bleeding whale or fish, you got to hand it to the President for standing tall against the harbingers of Islamic fascism by refusing to give up on our fight in Iraq. I think the President is proving his stand-patness when he makes the following statement:
"Leaving before we complete our mission would create a terrorist state in the heart of the Middle East, a country with huge oil reserves that the terrorist network would be willing to use to extract economic pain from those of us who believe in freedom," Bush said Wednesday.

"If we leave before the mission is complete, if we withdraw, the enemy will follow us home," he said.
Yes, the war on Iraq is not at the level of post-war Japan but you've got to agree that getting up a leaving Iraq wouldn't make the situation any better or on our war on Islamic fascism. The "peace now" crowd might find their arguments real trendy at the moment but they fail to realize that Osama bin Laden has stated in his 1998 fatwa that he and his fellow terrorists can outlast the American forces because he sees them as "paper tigers" and if you drain enough of their blood, they'll pull out much like they did in Vietnam and Somalia. So these folks can mock the President for "standing the course" but they need to take note that he understands what makes the terrorists tick and isn't willing to fail at achieving his number one job which is the security of this nation and its citizens. All in all, President Bush offers a far better solution for taking the fight to the Islamic fascists and bringing them to their knees than what the "head in the sand" crowd that is making a resurgence in this nation.

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