Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Classical Liberalism Primer for the Public

Fire of Liberty

Bill Steigerwald has a good interrogatory with Bob Chitester, president and founder of Free to Choose Media who brought us Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" series, on what it takes to produce series on public television that properly educates the general public on the importance of classical liberalism, which place a heavy emphasis on private property, voluntary association and free markets. With individuals like John Edwards touting "Willie Stark"(See the movie All the Kings Men-1950's version) populism and his cohorts in the DNC candidates(and some in the GOP) presenting some quasi-socialist economic policies, it is good fortune for us that Bob Chitester is still at the game of producing classical liberalism friendly programs like his forthcoming series "The Ultimate Resource", which points out the power that individuals in the third world(And in the 2nd and 1st) have when they have access to the free market, strong property rights and the rule of law. While a lot of the folks voting for Edwards and company are less likely to believe in a "boot-strap" mentality of a minimum influence of the government on one's life, I'm confident this film will still catch a good bit of the people's eyes and change their perspective much like "Free to Choose" did in 1980. All in all, If you want to learn more about the man who brought us the gem of "Free to Choose," and introduces millions to the ideas of classical liberalism, then I suggest Bill Steigerwald's latest interview.

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