Friday, April 27, 2007

General Petraeus Pentagon Presser

This past week I've seen the various Democrats from the leadership of Congress as well as the Democrats running for President keep on saying that our counter-insurgency fight in Iraq is lost or that General Petraeus has noted that the problems can't be solved by our militarily. While it would be nice if these politicians would stray away from their talking points and present the words of General Petraeus then they and the American people would realize that the General continues to note, before the press and Congress, that in order to achieve the political, economic, humanitarian, and rule of law goals within Baghdad and the rest of Iraq, then you've got to also commit a large degree of military assets into the counter-insurgency theater. So in order to avoid the wall of confusion put up by folks running for President and leaders who are injecting politics into a such a serious issue like Iraq and the actions of our soldiers, I thought I'd provide you General Petraeus' press conference(via the Pentagon Channel) at the Pentagon.

I assure you that this sober look at Iraq will allow you to get your head around what's going on with our counter-insurgency fight in Iraq far more than the yak-yakking that we continue to see in D.C. or saw in last nights DNC debate.

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