Monday, April 02, 2007

Run Fred Run

Fire of Liberty

After watching the clip above and reading various pieces on Fred Thompson(See here and here), I'd say that the former Senator from Tennessee would be a great fit for the GOP in 08. I know that Thompson(As well as Newt) is waiting for the public to get so fed up with the front runners(It'd be a good strategy for a long primary season like that of 1976 or 1980, when Carter and Reagan won in later primaries.) that they will demand a conservative voice that appeals to the free-market conservatives, small government conservatives, national security conservatives and social conservatives that make up the GOP but after seeing the financial reports on Romney and Rudy, I'd say that Fred Thompson has got to wrap up his work on "Law and Order" and declare his candidacy so he can get out his face, message and start raising funds for win in such a shortened political calendar. I'd prefer to have a choice of some bonafide conservatives(Thompson or Newt) that I know where they stand, rather than taking a chance on folks who are less committed conservative.

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shliknik said...

Gotta agree. I've listened to him speak on radio/TV a few times and liked what I heard. We'll see.