Monday, April 16, 2007

A Re-assessment on Fred Thompson

Fire of Liberty

After reading this piece by Bill Sammon over at the Washington Examiner, I'd have to say that maybe I spoke too soon on the demise of Senator Fred Thompson's bid for the White House. I know his plan is to wade out this pre-election nuttiness which is romping through the MSM(Candidates are getting into the Imus circus for goodness sakes and having fund-raisers with rappers(Clinton and Obama) instead of talking about issues that are more typical of our politicians) in a effort to build a great following but such actions didn't get Reagan, Clinton, Bush and others into 1600 Pennsylvania. No matter how you cut it, candidates of today have got to get into the mix and draw a following by your ideas along with raising lots of money if they want to have a chance of receiving the keys from George W Bush in January of 09. So I bid him good health and hope he starts this great journey pretty soon.

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