Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Telling It Like It Is With Iran

Fire of Liberty

I'd have to say that this post by Roger Kimball over at The New Criterion blog ARMAVIRUMQUE, seems to rightly sum up his disgust at the Iranian government's taking the 15 British sailors and marines hostage and then releasing them as "gift" to the British people. Here's the best part:
The last time I checked, one can legitimately make a gift only of what rightfully belongs to one. A burglar breaks into your house and steals something; you tell him to give it back; he maunders on about how "property is theft" or some such before finally calling a press conference and telling you he has decided to make you a gift of the thing he had just stolen. Thanks, pal! The Iranians made their point. They brazenly kidnapped those British military personnel, calculating, correctly, that the Brits would do nothing to stop them. They publicly humiliated the sailors and marines, thumbed their noses at the "international community," and made the point with brutal elegance that they could flout the law with impunity. Then they have the gall to say they have decided to make the British people a gift of their own countrymen.
That just about sums it up my take on Iran.

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Yep....sounds about right.