Monday, April 30, 2007

PBS' Addiction to Multiculturalism

Fire of Liberty

According to this piece by Garrett Moewe over at NRO, it looks like the liberals in the top tiers of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS are so afraid of offending religious or racial interest groups on the left that they force a big time filmmaker like Ken Burns(The Civil War) to change his film on life in America during WWII because it didn't cover the lives of Hispanics in the nation during the war. Now this is what I would call an episode of multiculturalism gone amuck. If we're ever going to prevent a balkanization of this nation, then we've got to get away from the identity politics and return to a embrace of Americanization in which we celebrate what makes us an American and not what makes us different. Based on its past behavior, I'm betting that this isn't the last of problems for future filmmakers or producers who present an idea that differs from PBS' liberal bias.

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