Thursday, April 12, 2007

Waking Up To Stimulating Conversation

Fire of Liberty

Instead of the MSM and its gaggle of celebrities fretting over Don Imus and the fate of their talking salon, which helps sell a lot of their books, they need to move on and find a new forum that has a more family friendly atmosphere that elevates the conversation. Now it is true that these folks can venture over to the morning news shows and NPR to push their books, their is also another venue, which is Bill Bennett's Morning in America. Even though these authors might be wary of going on the conservative hosts program, they should be rest-assured that they'll find that an appearance on Morning in America will be much like a sit down in a graduate level college classroom(It has something to do with the fact he holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, is a former Secretary of Education and a fellow at the Claremont Institute.) that offers a hearty conversation between the guest and host rather than a Romanesque forum in which the host beats up the guest with silly questions or horrific insults. Now while it's too late in the day to tune into the greatness of Morning in America(6-9 AM) , I figured this good piece by Kathryn Jean Lopez over at National Review Online would give you a good introduction to Bill Bennett's radio show. I'd suggest the authors who ventured to Imus in the past would do better by showing up on Morning in America. So enjoy the piece and tune in to the show. (You can hear the show over at from 6-9AM)

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