Monday, September 19, 2005

Big Question: Who will run Germany?

Fire of Liberty

Jim Geraghty, who has been in Germany this past week checking out the election scene, has a good piece over at National Review Online that has eight things that people in America can learn about the German elections. I'd say he has some great observations from this closely contested election. Anyway, check it out.

As for me and the sake of Germany, I hope Merkel's CDU will join forces with the Free Democrats and the Greens. It might not be a complete center-right government but it's far greater than this crazy "Grand Coalition." Merkel and FDP can assuage the Greens better that trying to run a government where Schroeder could throw a monkey wrench in the works. I think they could propose some tax credits for eco-friendly technology, put up some wind farms, ban some so called "Frankenfoods" better than opening the door to SPD. Oh well, only time will tell.

Check out this piece for more on possible coalitions in Germany.

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