Friday, September 09, 2005

Iraq is Getting Better

Fire of Liberty
Christian Sandstrom has written a wonderful piece over at Tech Central Station that notes that even though the MSM reports from Iraq look like "all is lost," the reality of the situation is that the former playground of Saddam is actually improving since the US led invasion. Just look at what Mr. Sandstrom had to say:
The killings of civilians in Iraq today due to terrorist attacks must be seen in relation to these violent acts. Human suffering must never be ignored, nor neglected, but it is still obvious that the humanitarian situation in Iraq has improved remarkably since Hussein was toppled. When taking other aspects of human rights into consideration, such as freedom of speech, it becomes even clearer that Iraq has made huge improvements.

More than ten TV channels have been founded since the end of the Hussein regime; there are hundreds of newspapers and the Iraqi people are getting more access to foreign media. Needless to say, this would have been impossible under the reign of Saddam Hussein.

When looking at the political and economic development of Iraq, it becomes even more obvious that things are getting better rapidly. According to The Economist, the Iraqi economy grew more than 30 percent in 2004 and it is predicted to grow at 34 percent this year. Iraq's "New Dinar" currency, introduced in 2003, has been performing strongly and it has appreciated by about 25 percent against the dollar in two years. The country's banking system has been modernized and Iraq is taking steps towards a functioning market economy.
Democracy in Iraq, It's a good thing. Just wished the MSM catches on.

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