Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The True Colors of the Mullahs of Iran

Fire of Liberty
Well it seems that the mullahs of Iran have demonstrated once again that they cannot be trusted by the West or even it's people by reneging their promise to release Akbar Ganji from Evin prison if he broke his 75 day hunger strike for democracy. Here's what the New York Sun had to report on the mullah's betrayal:
So when Mr. Ganji formally broke his hunger strike August 22, his family and supporters, who urged him to eat again, expected that he would soon be allowed to return to his home in Tehran. On August 25, Mr. Ganji's wife, Massoumeh Shafieh, told Iranian reporters: "We are hoping he will be home soon, and we may arrange a short vacation so our family can be together without this tense environment. We need to take care of our kids so they will emotionally be ready for school."

Last week, a Persian Web magazine, Rooz Online, reported that Ms. Shafieh received assurances from Milad Hospital officials that her husband would be released in the coming days, and that she had made a formal request to Iran's prosecutor-general in light of the fact that Mr. Ganji has only four months of his six-year sentence remaining. Ms. Shafieh also said on Thursday that no one had been allowed to visit her husband since August 23.

The deal for Mr. Ganji's release seems to have fallen through. Yesterday, Ms. Shafieh told the BBC that her husband's jailors betrayed him, adding that he only began eating after receiving assurances that he would not have to return to Evin. Mr. Ganji's pardon could have been set for September 4, the day Mohammed was named as prophet. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pardoned "7,780 people who had received prison sentences from public, military, and revolutionary courts" on Sunday.
If the mullahs find it so easy to go against its promise to release Ganji if he ended his hunger strike can you only imagine what these tyrants in Tehran would do when it comes to its promise of ending in nuclear program. Oh that's right, the mullahs broke that promise to when they told England, France, and Germany to go jump in the lake with their latest deal.
The best solution for Ganji, the Iranian People and the World as a hold is for the people of Iran to push the mullahs off their thrones and take back their nation thus opening it up to the forces of democracy. With its most recent demonstration of untrustworthiness the mullahs might reap something the didn't want to grow, which is the anger of the Iranian people. The mullahs thought they did something in 1979 by taking down the Shah but I think a bigger shock to their system is emerging in the Iranian street. So carry on you brave democrats of Iran and remove the iron fist of tyranny of the mullahs off your back.

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