Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Champion of Freedom

Fire of Liberty
Thank G-d we have John Bolton and other like minded Ambassadors like David A. Gross representing our best interests and protecting the freedoms of speech, thought, expression as well as keeping the avenues of commerce free and open to the rest of the world. Just read what John Zarocostas wrote in the Washington Times about this great stand for freedom in Geneva:
The United States said at the outset of global talks on information technology yesterday that it will fight attempts to put the United Nations or any international group in charge of the Internet.

"We want to make sure the private sector leads and the Internet continues to be a reservoir of great innovation, and that governments continue to focus on enabling the growth of the Internet, and not of controlling its use," Ambassador David A. Gross told The Washington Times in an interview.

Major developing nations spearheaded by China, Brazil, South Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and a number of industrialized countries including Norway, Switzerland and Russia would like to see the United States relinquish its historic control of the Internet.
I'd say that when nations like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia (countries that have imposed horrific restriction on the INTERNET and the press within their own countries) support the US relinquishing the control of the INTERNET to the a world body like the UN then it's time to stand up and shout "hands off." So thank you Ambassador Gross for raising such an objection. Keep it up.

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