Saturday, September 17, 2005

Iraq: Turning The Corner One Battalion At A Time

Here's a good piece in the Christian Science Monitor has a good article demonstrating what the Iraqi forces can do when they are fully trained and come online as a fully independent force in the various towns of Iraq. In this case we have the Iraqi Army 2/2 Battalion that has assumed the responsibility of the Diyala valley province - that runs beside the ever dangerous Sunni Triangle - under the able command of Colonel Theya al-Tamimi. It's true that these Iraqi Battalions and units are far from being on a the same level of the US armed forces with its experienced commanders and massive array of technology and equipment but they have been put through similar training and are well versed in the strategies and techniques that US and coalition forces use in fighting an effective counter terror/insurgency war. Once again we have a demonstration of how the policy of Iraqifying the forces within Iraq is developing into a very successful policy. I think the overall chances of such a policy becoming a great success are great especially after reading the following statement:
The flow of materials is better than in the old army, Iraqi officers say. "Before, you would just listen to orders. You couldn't even get a notebook and pen, let alone ammunition," says Theya's brother, Capt. Saddam al-Tamimi, who also works at battalion headquarters. "Now, there's an obvious difference. Our soldiers' morale is better, because of the freedom to talk between officers and soldiers," he adds.
I'm praying that the Iraqi units and battalions start coming online more and more in the upcoming months so the US commanders in the region can redirect their efforts elsewhere. The more we free up our troops the more likely we are to stop the terrorists by having fellow Iraqi soldiers taking up the slack while we provide heavy lifting and massive firepower on behalf of the fight against the areas of the Sunni Triangle that the terrorists are entrenched in. I'd say that the US has found a way to demonstrates to the Iraqi people that the US and Iraqi forces are committed to promoting democracy and returning Iraq to the Iraqis and not just creating an American colony like the death merchant seems to claim every time he issues one of his screeds over the airwaves and TV's in the region. So here's toasting to the forces of freedom.

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