Monday, September 19, 2005

Zarqawi's Desperate Times

Fire of Liberty
Well it seems that Zarqawi and his minions have gone into desperation mode in their terrorist operations that they have to seek out jihadis by kidnapping, drugging and then forcing young men into the business of killing innocent people via bomb laden vests or cars. Just look at what USA Today reported on Zarqawi's desperate measures:
The man said insurgents kidnapped him, then drugged and beat him. His story was similar to those recounted by other captured militants who claim they were coerced or fooled by insurgent leaders who promised them a role in the holy war.

Musab Aqil al-Khayal, 19, was shown on state television Saturday confessing to his involvement in Wednesday's attack on day laborers in Baghdad. A companion killed 112 people and wounded 250. Al-Khayal, a Syrian, said the al-Qaeda in Iraq group had "“duped"” him.

"The kidnapping of this man further demonstrates the desperateness of (al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi),"” Buckner said. Zarqawi "“knows that he can't win against Iraqi security and coalition forces, and is therefore willing to use innocent Iraqi citizens to further his cause."
I'd say that the US needs to keep up the heat while the Jordanian Zarqawi and his al Qaeda stooges keep on losing what little support he had. I forsee good things around the corner.

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