Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Multiculturalism Gone Astray

Fire of Liberty
Phyllis Schlafly has an excellent column on Senate Bill 174 in which the Senate would create a Hawaiian raced-based government independent from the laws and control of the United States. So that means they're trying to impose they're own "seperate but equal" laws to anyone who has one iota of native Hawaiian blood in them. I think Schlafly puts it best in the following passage:
Since the debate over U.S. Supreme Court nominees has made "settled law" a favorite expression, we should point out that when Hawaii became a state, it became settled law that Hawaiians would accept the U.S. Constitution, and that there would be no more monarchy and no more separate government or sovereignty for Native Hawaiians. We had a national consensus both in and out of Hawaii that Native Hawaiians would be U.S. citizens, not treated as a separate racial group.

Advocates for Hawaiian statehood repeatedly then emphasized that Hawaii is a melting pot of racial and national origins who are joined in a common patriotism and faith in U.S. institutions. So why are we spending time discussing this retro idea?

Follow the money to search for motives behind this oddball legislation. The clue to the mystery is Section 8(b) of S. 147, which ensures that the new Native Hawaiian government can negotiate gambling rights with the state of Hawaii and the federal government.

It appears that some politically well-connected Hawaiians want to cash in on the profitable casino privileges that have been given to American Indian tribes. Another possible motive is that a small group of Native Hawaiians is trying to grab some of the high-priced real estate in the beautiful islands and claim it as their tribal heritage.
It's amazing what folks will do to please the gods of multiculturalism let alone to line their pockets full of cash.

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