Friday, September 16, 2005

Securing Route Irish

Fire of Liberty

Here's an article in USA Today that demonstrates that the US policy of incorporating Iraqi troops within its own ranks until they come fully online is paying dividends on the Iraqi International Airport Road or what's commonly known as "Route Irish." According to the article, the addition of Iraqi forces with units like the New York National Guard's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry the combined forces have reduced the attacks on this deadly highway by some 41% since May of 2005. I guess when you have additional troops - especially Iraqi troops who know the territory and know the good folks from the bad ones - then you have a more powerful force to take on the terrorists who try to destroy your way of life. Though they article notes that the attacks on "Route Irish" haven't completely eliminated the attacks, you still have to say that by placing Iraqi soldiers side by side with the US and coalition forces is a shining example of how the Iraqification policy initiated by President Bush and the commanders in the field has become a success.

If the US can eventually turn a considerable amount of duties of securing parts of Iraq over to more 750 man Iraqi battalions, then it frees up more troops and resources of the US and coalition forces to be used in similar combined operations in areas in which the Iraqi forces might need some extra help in coming online thus making Iraq much safer from terrorists. So let's stand up and give these brave soldiers a hand in their brave stand. I just wish the media would report more of this.

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