Sunday, September 04, 2005

RIP Chief Justice Rehnquist

Fire of Liberty

Along with the tragic events in New Orleans and the coasts of MS and AL, the nation is faced with yet another tragedy tonight with the death of William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. With his passage we have lost one of the most sure footed and consistent originalist jurists of our time and I pray that President Bush will appoint a judge who will rise to the heights of Rehnquist. Let's hope the Senate pushes forward with the upcoming hearings of John Roberts and with the replacement of the Chief Justice to ensure that the third branch of our government can continue its functions come October.

So let's celebrate the life of Chief Justice Rehnquist and hope we all can have as much as an impact as he has had on this nation. One only has to look throughout his 33 year tenure, to see how Chief Justice Rehnquist has touched a lot of hearts and has had an impact on a considerable amount people as well as his many law clerks who have gone on to become some of our finest lawyers, judges and writers. So rest in peace Chief Justice Rehnquist you fought a good fight and the nation is thankful for your work.

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