Saturday, March 10, 2007

Assimilation Is A Must

Fire of Liberty

Derory Murdock has a good piece over at National Review Online that calls for this nation to get out of its "multicultural" fantasies on immigration ranging from bilingual education to multiple languages on our ballots and government documents and return to the policies of assimilation that previous legal immigrants had to go through when they came to this country. Basically what we've got to do for folks coming to this country is to insist that they learn our language, history, customs and laws in order to become citizens of this nation. For too long we have been so concerned about offending others that we've created situations in which these individuals are segregated into the same neighborhoods and jobs that folks of their same cultural/linguistic group stay in thus preventing them from associating and interacting with fellow Americans. If we don't want to find this nation turning into the "multicultural" mess that the UK and Europe is currently experiencing with its immigrant population, then we've got to go in the direction of assimilation.

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