Saturday, March 24, 2007

Playing Hardball with Iran

Fire of Liberty

According to this article in The Times, the Iranian government is threatening to try the 15 British sailors/Royal Marines captured on the Shatt al-Arab waterway for espionage, which is a capital offense in Iran, if the United States doesn't release the five Iranian "diplomats" they captured in Iraq. While folks might find such actions a bit harsh, one can understand that the Iranian regime would to play such tricks to rouse a nationalistic fervor(Dictatorship do things like this when their economy is falling, they impose gas rationing, and a population that is growing tired of the Islamic regime.) amongst the Iranian populous because of the UN Security Council's current deliberations over imposing economic sanctions on Iran due to their nuclear weapons program. With a time like this, the British government should follow Margaret Thatcher's adage of this being "no time to go wobbly." Which means that the British should continue to demand that their soldiers be released, refuse to make absurd deals and threaten that severe consequences will be meted out if the don't do so in a timely manner. As long as the Brits stand firm on these points they will retain the upper hand and convey a sign of unwavering strength and force Iran to show their hand. If the UK plays a game of appeasement with Ahmadinejad, then they could create a terrible situation in which the tyrant will trumpet his victory of the mighty British. I hope the Brits emulate the great lion Winston Churchill and stand firm to such actions.

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