Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Different Look At Global Warming

Fire of Liberty

Now while Hollywood, the MSM, various scientists and the left are marching lockstep with Al Gore and his "moral" crusade against the coming global warming disaster, there are a lot of folks in world and the scientific community who are not completely convinced that man is causing global warming or that it can be prevented by imposing the draconian measures to our economy is the solution. As with all things dealing with the study of science there is a great need to have a thriving discussion about what causes such warming, if such is a natural occurrence, if it can be fixed, its cost relative to other far pressing problems and other factors before we make harsh or abrupt changes. Well thankfully the National Post in Canada has decided to run a series on the various scientist in the world who differ with the global warming crowd and offer up some alternative explanations on what is causing the warming of the planet or if this is a problem. So if you want to get both sides of the coin before you choose one side or the other then I suggest that you go over to the National Post and check out this series.

*For more on this alternative view on global warming, I highly recommend you check out Dennis T. Avery and S. Fred Singer's book Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years, Patrick J. Michaels' Shattered Consensus: The True State of Global Warming, as well as Henrik Svensmark's The Chilling Stars: The New Theory of Climate Change, Bjorn Lomborg's The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World.

*Also, check out the review from the Washington Times on the documentary "The Great Global Warming Scandal," which is airing this Thursday on the UK's Channel 4. After reading this review and and seeing its film on radical Islam, I'm guessing this one on global warming will be just as good.

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