Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bring On The Pork

Fire of Liberty

I could have sworn that when the Democrats were running as well as when they assumed power that the days of "pork" was over. So you would have thought that the Dems would have thought about such a promise when they started to load down the President's $103 billion Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding bill with some $21 billion (Other estimates say $30 billion) in pork-barrel spending on things like spinach, peanuts, oranges, shrimp and other goodies. Now I could understand if the members of the House just wanted to add more money to the bill for improving soldiers housing, fixing our military rehab facilities, buying more armored vehicles, buy more guns, or raising soldiers pay but they decided to play politics with money for our troops by including such silly expenditures that are not germane to military funding. The Democrats might not like the war and could be stalling to run out the clock but all they are doing is slowing down the much needed money that our troops are waiting on. If the Democrats are so worried about putting off bills on "future generations," then they should push through a clean bill or vote it down. If I recall, pork-barrel spending cost the Republicans Congress in 2006 and could do the same for them in 2008.

*Check out what the editorial board at the D.C. Examiner had to say about the bill.

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