Monday, March 12, 2007

Koppel Talk

Fire of Liberty

While the liberal Democrats in Congress and their friends on the Left keep on pushing for an immediate "bug-out" from Iraq, there are a lot of journalists and outside observers who are noting that such a abrupt move would leave Iraq in chaos. One individual who clearly understands what awaits the folks in Iraq and its further implications is veteran journalist Ted Koppel. While no friend of the administration, the managing editor of the Discovery Channel appeared on Meet the Press this morning to note that its easy to say that we can get out of Iraq but when you sit down a take a serious look at the situation you realize that such cannot occur without resulting in chaos or an expansive conflagration in the region. So if you want to have an honest assessment of the situation from someone who doesn't "carry any water" for the Bush administration, then I'd say you should check out what Koppel said this morning on MTP.

*Also, check out this past Friday's edition of Washington Journal in which Brian Lamb interviews UPI's Defense correspondent Pamela Hess on what she took from her most recent visit to Iraq.

You can also read here print work here.

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shliknik said...

I had already read Koppel's comments and agreed. It is nice to see someone who isn't a fan of the administration not scream "IMMEDIATE PULL OUT" though.