Friday, March 16, 2007

Senators Should Read Further Before They React

Fire of Liberty

Today as the Democrats in the Senate were debating an Iraq resolution*, which would require President Bush to draw down troops in 120 days and getting completely out by March 2008, they kept on touting a report from the Pentagon that noted violence has gone up in Iraq during the months of January and February. Now folks can say that this report shows that Iraq is becoming a bigger mess but I'd say that such would be expected because the terrorists and insurgents knew that if they were going to inflict great casualties on their opponents or influence the political atmosphere in the US (They do have satellite TV and access to the Net and see what Congress is doing) then they had to do so before the surge started. In fact, the Senators seem to be just reading the headlines and tend to forget that the report was more nuanced. According to this article in the D.C. Examiner by Rowan Scarborough, it seems these reports are prior to the "clear and hold" surge and will serve as a baseline to determine how successful this new Baghdad security will be in the near future. So maybe before these Senators rip their talking points from the MSM, then they should read further down the page or at least check out Rowan Scarborough's good work.

*The Reid resolution failed to get the 60 votes it needed for passage.

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