Thursday, March 08, 2007

Go Tell The Spartans

Fire of Liberty

James P. Pinkerton has some good things to say in his most recent column about the new movie "300." If you've seen the trailers to the movie you can tell its a comic book version of the battle of Thermopylae- that is mostly targeted to teens - but from what I've read and know about this historic battle the film makers seem to have written a good story of how some 300 Spartans held off thousands upon thousands of Persians in 480. Hopefully, these teens and others will become more interested in this battle and try to learn more on Thermopylae and decide to read some history on ancient Greece or even read some Herodotus. Now for the more reserved viewer, I recommend you to the 1962 movie "The 300 Spartans." I've seen "The 300 Spartans" and look forward to seeing "300" in the next couple of weeks.

*Here's what classic historian Victor Davis Hanson has to say about the movie "300."

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shliknik said...

I want to see 300 just for the art direction. Many scenes are direct adaptations from the comic book pages. Frank Miller, the artist for the comic, is a genius in the biz. His book, Sin City, was groundbreaking as well (also many scenes in that movie from directly from the comic). He is credited in giving Batman his 'dark' edge in the mid-80 in his series, 'The Dark Knight'. Before then, Batman wore blue tights. The character really took a change to the dark, brooding type you see now after that series. These aren't your typical 20pg kiddie comics either. They would probably fit under the 'graphic novel' genre more.

Speaking of Spartans, I just beat the Playstation 2 game, God of War. You need to check it out if you're interested in Greek Mythology.