Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Social Experimenting in the UK

Fire of Liberty

After reading this article in the Daily Mail, I'd say that the UK is steadily marching down the socialist highway much like that of France or Sweden. According to the Daily Mail, the UK government is doling out facials, manicures, make-overs ,massages and shopping vouchers to various unemployed single parents (mostly mothers) in a belief that this will provide them greater self-confidence and allow them to seek out a job. As with most socialistic tinkering, whether it's in Europe or the US, people will continue to eat from the governments trough as long as they're not required to do something in return. One can only imagine individuals who will say they are "looking" for a job while still claiming that they need more pampering because they're still unhappy or lack confidence. I just hope that folks wake up from these "social experiments" and take their nation off the Road to Serfdom.

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