Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dealing With the Satanic Gases

Fire of Liberty

According to this piece in the Financial Times, it looks like the folks in Canada are using some innovative thinking when it comes to CO2 emissions. It seems that there are plans to pump CO2 into the ground or in storage tanks rather than letting it enter the environment. What's even better is that the oil industry can inject this stored CO2 into older or current oil wells thus getting the full potential of such wells which prevent the drilling of new wells. Though I'm a little skeptical about the whole man made global warming hysteria of Al Gore and the Greens, I've still got to give it to the Canadians for thinking out solutions that won't wreck an economy or cost taxpayers way too much. The only problem I see from this article is the fact that the government is discovering such innovations that they wish to impose on the people/corporations rather than asking or letting the private sector come forward with such ideas. Everyone in Canada and elsewhere are go to get better results and practical solutions by letting a business man puts his own money on an idea he feels is in his best interests rather than letting the the government step in with its bureaucrats who only know how to spend other peoples money. So I congratulate the effort but just wish that the Conservatives in Canada would stay true to ideas like free markets and small government when they take such steps rather that following the status quo of the Liberals and the Left.

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