Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spartan Pride

Fire of Liberty

Tony Perry and Robert W. Welkos have a good article in the Chicago Tribune which notes that our Marines are really into the blockbuster "300" and some even see similarities between their experience in Iraq and the 300 brave actions of the Spartans(700 Thespians as well) as they minded the gap against tens of thousands of Persians at Thermopylae.

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shliknik said...

Lucy and I went to see '300' last week. It's a solid movie - total testosterone ride - so it's no surprise young service-men like the movie.

It's a cross between Gladiator and Lord of the Rings, but with a much smaller plot than either.

Basically pretty simple - 300 guys kill a lot more guys invading their country. 300 guys get killed when double-crossed, but inspire their govt (who was against the initial sending of troops) to send more.

'bout it.