Friday, March 02, 2007

Retaining Traditions

Fire of Liberty

Generally I'm a stickler for conveniency and streamlining processes when it comes to almost anything related to the federal government but after reading this piece in the New York Sun I tend to favor the traditions of government. It seems that some bureaucrats within the US Citizenship and Immigration Services of New York City is so fired up on making the traditional swearing in ceremony of new citizens "modern" that she is doing away with pomp and specialness of the ceremony thus taking away a memorable accomplishment for the new citizens and replacing it with a cookie cutter government activity much like you get when you "go to the courthouse". As a great admirer of individuals who up and leave their homeland and enter this country legally to work their tails off to become citizens of this great nation, I have to say I'm for tradition and hopes these changes are slapped down.

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