Monday, August 29, 2005

Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam

Fire of Liberty

The Pentagon is introducing two American made vehicles in Iraq to combat the deadly IED's that are planted in the streets of Iraq by the foreign terrorists and Baathist hanger-ons. According to this article in the Washington Times our soldiers will eventually be riding in either the "Buffalo" which is a 24 ton mine-protective coutermine/IED vehicle with a long grappling hook to remove the bombs. They will also be offered a 13 to 19 ton truck known as the "Cougar." From what I've seen at the website of the South Carolina based Force Protection Inc., the new vehichles will provide our soldiers with the much needed heavily armored trucks that make the Humvees look like toy trucks when parked side by side. Here's a look at what our nation can build when the IED situation push us to come up with a solution. If it'll make our soldiers safer in Iraq and helps persuade the terrorists that no matter how big of an challenge they put before us we can beat it, then I say make as many as you can make.

The Buffalo- 24 ton big boy


The Cougar - 13-19 ton little brother.


Thanks to Ladson, SC based Force Protection Inc. for making our soldiers safer in harms way.

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