Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ole Abe: A Uniter not a Divider

Fire of Liberty

Here's a wonderful illustration by my good friend Jason Crosby. We were talking the other day and about all of the pro-war and anti-war folks are duking it out over the airwaves and in the newspapers from their encampments in Crawford, Texas. I noted that I had no problems about people protesting or supporting the President and the War but I seem to draw the line when folks start pushing ideas that are detrimental to the well being of our troops while they are fighting for freedom in a foreign land. After several days of reading and reflection, I asked Jason if he'd draw me an illustration of Abraham Lincoln refereeing a fight between two warring groups and reminding them that "A house divided against itself can not Stand." Lincoln's wonderful words remind us that even though we might not like the war or even the president, we are still passengers on the ship known as America. Since were all on board this ship its in our best interests to support our soldiers 100% and make sure they succeed in their mission of allowing the Iraqi people the ability to develop a democratic state in a sea of Middle Eastern hostility. If they fail in Iraq one can be rest assured that our ability to take on Islamic fundametalism will be greatly diminished. So let's support our troops and bid them G-d's speed in their mission.

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